Online Social Networks Simulator

Online Social Networks Simulator ver 1.0 is a free network framework for building great network simulators and for not only static network analysis, but also for dynamic network analysis.

I have designed and implemented it using C++, Omnet++, Python, Flask, Jinja2, Ajax, and jquery. The siumulator consists of three layers Frontend layer, Intermediate layer, and Backend layer.

This is not the complete version of the simulator, this is only a trial version to present our work.

Five simple steps to run the simulator and get results!

Choose a Machine
Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure[Not available]
Server at Kent State University
Salem's Laptop

Sometimes the port to connect to the machine will be closed. To wake it up, send a request.

Create a New Folder Or Connect to Existing one
You have to create a new folder to conatins your networks and result files.Or, connect to your existing folder.

For future use, you should remeber the folder name and the four digit number.
Generate or Upload a Network

Network NameNumber of NodesNumber of EdgesFile Type
Parameters Configuration

This configuration is for SOR Protocol ver 1. For more information about the parameters check this paper.

SOR: A Protocol for Requests Dissemination in Online Social Networks

Run and Get Results!
Run Online for small networks
Run Offline for large scale networks[Not available, but it is coming soon!]

The Result Will be Shown Here